Information for potential contract researchers

Information for potential contract researchers

About Us:

Impact Research NZ has undertaken research and evaluation contracts in health, education and social services, ranging from a few months to multi-year. Contracting agencies include small, medium and large not-for- profit organisations, philanthropic trusts, councils and government ministries.

Project work has included: formative, process, summative and impact evaluations, research to inform new service provision, mentoring organisational development, providing Dancing with Data research and capacity building programme for NGOs, facilitating hui and fono stakeholder forums, fostering collaborative practice as well as collective impact.

How we work:

Impact Research NZ maintains a Director, several Research Associates and a core group of researchers. We often collaborate with other research companies on joint projects. Together, we can cover a broad range of research and evaluation projects and meet our contractual obligations on time and within budget.

Why we regularly recruit ?

We are successful in securing a variety of research and evaluation contracts that span the health, education and social services sectors, therefore in order to meet our contractual obligations to our clients we regularly recruit researchers and research assistants with the requisite skills needed for a particular contract. Some researchers are with us for the life of a project, some return after having worked elsewhere on other projects and others will work with us on multiple projects over years.

“The skills and experience gained by researchers during the time that they worked at Impact Research NZ has enabled many to secure full-time employment in a variety of academic and research institutions both in New Zealand and internationally.” Dr Jane Holmes (Research Coordinator)


“Great to have been part of the SWiS project, I’ve learnt so much and really appreciate this invaluable experience. I am looking forward to my new overseas university post.”

“I have recently been offered a full time research position. Thank you so much for taking me on board and being accommodating to my situation."

“I no longer have any part-time capacity after Semester 1 at university commences, again thank you very much for the valuable experience. I truly appreciate the opportunity."

“Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the work you carry-out at Impact Research NZ.”

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with IRNZ over the past 18 months. I really enjoyed working on a variety of projects that make a difference in people’s lives and so appreciate everyone’s support. I also really appreciate you being a referee for me.”

"Impact Research NZ has enabled many to secure full-time employment in a variety of academic and research institutions"

Our current researchers

Some of our current researchers share their experience of working with Impact Research NZ:

Our researchers would like to share with you what is it is like to work with Impact Research NZ. They share their views from working with us over a few years through to just commencing work with us.

Dr Jane Holmes (Research Coordinator)

I have been working for Impact Research NZ since 2014. During that time I have worked closely with the Director and other colleagues on a wide range of evaluation and research projects. Some of my favourite projects have included such topics as health and education early interventions, services directed at older adults, interventions with recidivist youth, social work in primary and secondary schools and social housing projects.

The work that I have been involved in has allowed me to further develop my skills as a researcher, and I now oversee a team of other researchers and co-ordinate many evaluation and research projects. The focus of the work has enabled me to explore and gain greater insight into the social services sector and help to provide service providers with objective assessments. Based on the views of stakeholder groups, the evaluations that Impact Research NZ provides enable our clients to measure the effectiveness of their services to meet the needs of their clients and identify areas for potential service improvement. It is gratifying to be a part or an organisation whose work helps to inform positive outcomes for consumers of social services.

Dr Sarah Schonberger (Researcher)

I have been working with Impact Research since April 2015 and have found the work to be interesting and varied. I initially investigated strategies and frameworks for evaluation of social services which enabled me to learn about the best methodology for determining the outcomes of these services. The part-time hours also enabled me to upskill in Social Science Research Methods through online study and University of Auckland courses. I have worked together with other researchers on preparing reports, which has included undertaking background research, document reviews, survey methodology, ethics, database reporting, statistical analyses and thematic analyses. This has given me insight into all aspects of each project. The necessary collaboration between researchers is carefully streamlined to obtain consistency within the reports.

I have learnt about different services that the Ministry of Social Development and non-government organisations provide to assist those most vulnerable in New Zealand. Analysing these services, both quantitatively and qualitatively, has given me insight into what makes social services successful in terms of positive outcomes for clients. Our reports focus on key outcomes and key areas for improvement, providing organisations with direction for the future and evidence of impact to help secure future funding. The services that I have found particular interesting are those that are working towards strategies for prevention of social vulnerability and those that are building successful collaborations with other organisations as a holistic approach to addressing the needs of those that access social services.

Dr Rakhee Chatbar (Researcher)

I have been working with Impact Research NZ since August 2016 as a Contract Researcher. During my tenure, I have collaborated with the dynamic team at IRNZ on a number of projects that have focused on a range of issues are topical and highly relevant to social sector. The team has undertaken monitoring and evaluation projects for a number of clients. As part of the team, I have conducted literature review and prepared contextual background for projects. Besides, I had also undertaken transcription of interviews and data mining. An important task our team completed successfully is data organisation and analysis. Further we prepared graphs to make the findings accessible to clients. To ensure that the evaluation and monitoring projects are steered and conducted in accordance with the high standards at Impact Research NZ, we undertook rigorous proof reading and editing of the final reports.

Amongst the different aspects of research we worked on, I enjoyed conducting data analysis and preparing graphs stages the most. While proof reading and editing offers not only an opportunity to see tangible results and the process of research coming to fruition, it also gives a sense of accomplishment and I found this stage of research work immensely gratifying.

Dr Laura Ewens (Research Assistant)

I was appointed in November 2016. Here is my account of the first two weeks. Today marks the end of my first week at Impact Research NZ! The time has flown by. I have enjoyed my first week and the variety of tasks I have been given. It has been very interesting to learn more about some of the clients and projects that IRNZ is currently working on, and I am slowly building up my understanding of IRNZ’s processes, and the way that IRNZ carries out evaluation research. I am enjoying the challenge of adapting to a commercial research environment, and I am excited to continue developing my skills and understanding in this area. I look forward to coming in again on Monday. In my second week at Impact Research NZ, I am feeling as though I have settled into the role. I have developed more of an understanding of the processes and culture here at IRNZ.

I can see the high level of integrity, attention to detail and care that goes into every report IRNZ produces, and the strong focus on using research-backed insights to make a positive difference in the lives of New Zealanders. I have enjoyed learning more about the variety of services offered by IRNZ’s clients, as well as being given the opportunity to draft new survey questions. I feel I have also gained more knowledge of the evaluation process and the RBA model. I am sure there is still a lot more for me to learn and improve on, but I am confident that with guidance I will be able to develop my skills and knowledge further.

"It is gratifying to be a part or an organisation whose work helps to inform positive outcomes for consumers of social services."

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